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My Fuzzy Pet Dragon Book

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For children, having a pet is so much more than a cuddly companion or an adventure buddy. To a child’s limitless imagination, a pet can be anything. A dog can be a noble steed on which a knight rides. A goldfish can be majestic whale swimming through the open sea. A hamster can be a dastardly villain who was finally caught and put behind bars. A little kitty cat can even be a dragon. This delightful story takes the reader along as a little girl tells of her best friend and what they get up to together. See the world through her eyes as her fuzzy friend gets himself into trouble and she must call for help to save him. Vibrant and playful illustrations bring to life the rich, youthful imagination of the author for a charming experience any child, and parent, will love. 

Size: 8"x10"

Pages: 24

Author: Ashtyn Bruvold

Illustrator: Beverly Davis